Hunter Warfield

Hunter Warfield

Hunter Warfield provides revenue recovery and risk mitigating services.

The problem

Back in 2016 the company decided to develop a new version of their Client Portal. The tool allows their clients to see real time information about their accounts as well as to lookup specific sub accounts and clients and see reports about collections and recovery. But they needed to upgrade the tool to a more up to date one in terms of functionality and appearance. We met Hunter Warfield’s CIO in MES 2016 in Indianapolis and we started to explore a solution.

The proposed Solution

Hunter Warfield was already developing an interface to expose some of the data from Dynamics CRM so Sapiens was in charge of producing an MVC Web Application that can use the interface to deliver a good experience to Hunter Warfield’s clients.

The Development Process

Development took 10 months to deliver a release candidate and now the project is on a support stage. The solution was developed using Microsoft .NET MVC framework in conjunction with AngularJS. SCRUM was used as SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and the client controlled the process through a Team Augmentation Engagement.

The Solution in Action

The Client Portal has been deployed to production in February 2017 and is nowadays the main tool used by Hunter Warfield’s clients to control their accounts and get reports about collections and recoveries.

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  • Date February 22, 2017
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