Allied Services

Allied Services

The Client

Allied Services is the leading provider of healthcare and human services for northeastern Pennsylvanians with disabilities and chronic illness. Their work is to advance the health, independence and life quality of their consumers. Throughout its 53-year history, Allied has been guided by a commitment to delivering compassionate care of the highest quality.

The Problem

As for many other organizations performance is a key success factor for Allied services. For that reason the performance appraisal process is a matter of significant importance. However as a fast growing organization with more than 3200 employees Allied Services performance appraisal was an ongoing process that consumed a lot of time and money. The company needed a solution to reduce the cost and provide a faster and more efficient way to do it.

The Decision Process

We met Allied’s Vice President of Information Technology & CIO, Mr. John Regula during the Midsize Enterprise Summit East 2016 in Indianapolis where he was in charge of directing a boardroom among some other duties such as networking sessions, yeah good old networking sessions. During one of this sessions he mentioned the need to address this process back at his company and we suggested a solution that called his attention for its practicality and the fact that we propose to manage all the development cycle offering a key in hand custom software solution.

A few calls with our teams and a few drawings in a whiteboard later and our developers were fluent enough in Allied Services’s business terminology and processes to make Mr. Regula confident enough to let us help him provide a solution.


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  • Date February 20, 2017
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