Toyota of America

Toyota of America

Toyota of America is know by its amazing service. To be able to deliver such a good client experience the IT area must support the company’s operation through a wide variety of systems, including CMS, CRM, Custom Web and Mobile Applications, which makes the Employees life a lot easier and allow them to concentrate on service.

But very often the mix of several systems leaves some gaps. In this case, the gap was that the information about the special features and customization added to any car that the Dealer sells was not being transmitted to the personnel in charge of  providing service to that car in the years to come.

The Solution

Since the information was being saved in a CRM the solution was oriented to provide a bridge to make it pass over to the Service personnel. We decided to create a Web Application based in Java/Spring/Hibernate/Oracle to hold specific disclaimer information as well as technical manuals for the parts that was used in the cars and integrate the CRM trough REST services to gather the exact parts that were used a for a specific car.

The Solution in Action

As a result of the development effort we managed to deliver an application that could be used by a Supervisor to generate a PDF manual that is specific to a VIN number, that can be consulted by the mechanics servicing a specific car to solve any problem that the car is presenting. But as a result of the effort, Toyota gave a step ahead in providing an impressive client experience.

  • Date February 17, 2017
  • Tags Java, Netsuite