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Regarding Nearshore Software Development. Our records show that companies that opted to Outsource their software development projects to a Nearshore location were able to reduce their cost between 30% and 50%. Obtaining easier access to talent working in their same Time Zone and sharing a compatible business culture.
Cost Reduction up to 50%50%
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The Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing Advantage

You might be considering Nearshore Software Development for cost reduction, which is great. But what if you could also get an extremely talented team, that shares your culture and work at your same Time Zone? Wouldn’t it be great?

That is precisely the advantage of Nearshore Software Development. Costa Rica is a country with a vibrant Tech scene, excellent Universities that are producing many Engineers, a high percentage of the population which is fluent in English and a very similar culture to the US.

And we have a Development Center in Costa Rica that we can use to hire, train and certify a team of talented developers to work with your processes and quality standards as your own nearshore team.

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The 4C’s of Nearshore Software Development

Exactly what you will get if you decide to trust your project to a nearshore software development company

Cost (Reduced)

With talent being harder to find every day in the U.S. and rates that goes up to $175 in the big cities or $100.00 in smaller towns makes sense to move your team to a country like Costa Rica where you can save between 60% – 70% of your cost in the U.S.

Convenience (Increased)

Costa Rica time zone is in line with U.S. Central Time. Only 2 hours behind if you are in the East Coast and 1 hour ahead if you are in the West Coast. It makes no sense to endure a sleepless night again.

Common Business Culture

Costa Rica’s communication style is frank and to the point, just a bit more formal than that in the U.S. They will not be shy about discussing concerns or sharing ideas. They will say no if something is not possible to deliver.

Certified Trained Talent

There is a deep pool of trained technical talent in Latin America, particularly in technology hubs like Costa Rica. Meetups, Hackatons, Tech events and a very dynamic Startup ecosystem. A tech scene such as the one you will see in cities like Austin, Seattle or Boulder

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We will analyse the information provided and design a process to determine the resources, time, methodology and skillset needed to fulfill the final objective that you pursue. Finally, together we will put up a Project plan, estimation and SOW

STEP 3: Estimation, Plan and SOW

All the analysis of the previous step will lead us to a very detailed estimation, a good plan and an SOW that we will quote for you to decide. You will start your project knowing that we are already experts in the process of your company that you want to develop Software for.