10 years of experience developing Custom Software Projects specifically for the Mid-Market

More than 200 projects delivered on time, on budget and to specification for many different verticals including healthcare, financial services, e-commerce, information technologies, communications, food and services.

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Turnkey Custom Software Development

We can take over all the phases of software development and deliver a final custom application that fits your exact needs. On a fixed budget.

Team Augmentation

We provide the talent you require in order to augment your team and speed up development of your projects. We take care of training and certification of your team if required.

Time and Materials

We provide talent per hour so you can use it only when you need it. Best for small projects with a reduced scope to add functionality or fixes to an existing application.

Support SLA

We provide a SLA support service with remote Help Desk for your applications and users. So you can rest assured that your systems will run smoothly and users will be supported if needed.

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We provide talent and talent is nurtured by training. 100% of our developers are continuously training and getting to know new technologies.

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STEP 1: Request our free consultation

You submit your project description along with your objectives and how they are related to the company Strategy. This will help us understand how does the project fits in the organization and exactly what are you interested in achieving by kick-starting it.

STEP 2: Analysis of Requirements

We will analyse the information provided and design a process to determine the resources, time, methodology and skillset needed to fulfill the final objective that you pursue. Finally, together we will put up a Project plan, estimation and SOW

STEP 3: Estimation, Plan, SOW and Kick-off

All the analysis of the previous step will lead us to a very detailed estimation, a good plan and an SOW that we will quote for you to decide. You will start your project knowing that we are already experts in the process of your company that you want to develop Software for.