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Agile Methodologies

Agile Methodologies

We are proficient in Agile Methodologies such as SCRUM, SCRUM-BAN and Lean. We base almost all of our development processes on a client oriented Agile SDLC unless requested otherwise.

This help us to seamesly integrate our development team to the client's in cases where the they has adopted this software development life cycles. Working flawlessly from the beginning, increasing the development speed and therefore giving better results in less time.

Coding Best Practices

Coding Best Practices

We encourage the use of well known software develoment patterns and best practices among our developers and make sure that this guidelines are not only followed but integrated in the way we code for the client.

We not only strictly follow the client's coding standards, but we also encourage our developers to enrich it by making contributions and sugesstions whenever a pattern or a best practice can be used to produce clean and maintainable code.


In a few words

custom software development

Sapiens was founded in April 2009 by experienced Software developers with a Business Administration background. Since the beginning we have been focused in providing our clients with highly efficient, committed, proactive and responsible developers that can understand business processes and can add value to their work.

We base our service on a constant need to improve, an open and honest communication, a good work environment and respect in order to earn the trust of our clients.

Our Mission

To make business ideas come true by developing and maintaining software


To be recognized as the most reliable and highly capable software development company. A truly mission critical provider